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I moved to Cape Cod in 2019, and though I have lived all over the world, I called Alaska home for the last 20 years. When I lived in the Land of the Midnight Sun, I had a fleet of VW buses (one of my other passions) that I rented out to visitors who came to the Last Frontier each summer.


I had the blessing of doing my 200 hour teacher training in Rishikesh, India, on the beautiful Ganges River. I've taught yoga in Nepal, Germany, Alaska, and while sailing around the world. Presently, you might find me teaching at Centerville Yoga or leading retreats on Wequaquet Lake, always bringing sanskrit and sass to each of my classes!

My goal is to cultivate community through yoga retreats, and hope to practice with this community in unique destinations around the world.

Join me.


Mako translates as "pepper" in Twi, the language of the Asante people in Ghana. This symbol associated with it connects to a proverb which says "all peppers do not ripen at the same time." We all have our own timelines and growth is a lifelong exercise, this is why we practice yoga. Ghana is one of the first places I lived outside the US, and is somewhere that is a permanent part of my fabric.

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